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“I was first introduced to Canviiy during the Miami Swim Fashion Week. The ScalpBliss serum was used on the models scalp backstage in preparation for the various hair looks used on the runway. I have used ScalBliss on my salon clients as part of a deep wash and conditioning treatment. After cleansing the hair and scalp, I then place the serum on the scalp and place the client under the dryer for about 5 minutes and then cool. This process not only helps revitalize the scalp but also opens up the scalp pores for the hair follicles to grow healthier. It’s lightweight, non-oil based and very easy to use. The applicator applies directly to areas needed to relieve dryness and scalp itchiness. The scent awakens your senses. ScalpBliss is a wonderful product that I am thankful that is available for healthier scalp relief.”
Brian C. Hawkins
Celebrity Hair Stylist
“I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp for the past four years. The redness, itching, and irritation sometimes, becomes unbearable and there is no cure only a way to deal with the symptoms. I have used many medications to soothe this problem, but most medications were too harsh for my natural hair. After the first use, I was hooked. No itching, and there was a delightful fresh tingle on my scalp. I use to have to use my regular medications everyday, but with Canviiy, I only use once every three days. It’s a great product and has helped cut my dermatology bills in half.”
Kimberly M.
“As a stylist, we love that ScalpBliss is a gentle, clean product, that doesn’t leave a sticky build up or residue on the hair and scalp. Our clients with sensitive scalps are able to use ScalpBliss to provide itch relief without worry of reaction. ScalpBliss provides a gentle soothing feeling to stop the tight itchiness often associated with any protective style worn for several weeks. Whether our customers are wearing crochet braids, locs, natural hair updos, or simply rocking natural hair goodness, we recommend ScalpBliss as a part of their weekly scalp health regime. Clients love the convenient size and ease of application. Many say they keep a tube of ScalpBliss in their purse for emergency itchy situations. Our salon customers LOVE ScalpBliss!”
Sundi Johnson
Salon Owner, Haute Curls Natural Hair Salon
“I wear a weave for convenience, however my scalp itches so bad. I literally will beat myself in the head to stop it from itching. I have finally found something that works and it smells good!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!”
Dawn Frazier
CEO/Owner, Ms Dawn’s Catering
“As a person who has an extremely dry itchy scalp I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I wear protective styles (braids and weaves) frequently and the on the go tube was perfect. It had no greasy build up, gave that cooling sensation that I love and of course relief for the itchy scalp. I will buy again and can’t wait until the larger size is available.”
S. Farrar

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