Health Chronicles: How Essential is Iron for Hair Growth?

Iron is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in our health, particularly in carrying oxygen throughout the body. When it comes to your tresses, iron deficiency is a well known cause of hair loss. Iron deficiency may lead to hair loss due to its role in DNA synthesis, as the hair follicle matrix cells are among the most rapidly dividing cells in the body. In addition, many of the genes identified in the human hair follicle may be regulated by iron.

The Blackout: An Economic Protest to Balance the Scales of Economic Inequality

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protest, there is now a movement to not only rectify problems in policing, but also to address opportunities to drive better social economic parity as well. A lot of this focus is being put into the Blackout Initiative asking consumers across races to shop with intention, directing their dollars to Black Owned businesses. Not only are people listening, but it is going viral. The sudden attention on inequality in America has spun numerous online lists spotlighting Black-owned companies for consumers to support and we are happy to say Canviiy has been spotlighted by many renowned media outlets:

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Well+Good Editor Shares Why She Fell in Love with Canviiy

Well + Good editor, Kara Jillian Brown knows that the worst part about getting braids is the itchy scalp that soon follows. She has seen braid sprays underdeliver and suffered through the horrible smells of the sulfur alternatives, but recently she had the chance to try Canviiy ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Serum and the results were immediate. Of the experience she says “You know that ridiculously refreshing feeling you get when you take a sip of ice-cold water while chewing minty gum? That’s what the Canviiy ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic-Based Serum feels like on your scalp. And that sensation lasts for hours—I can put it on before bed and still feel the soothing tingles the next morning.

Beyoncé Highlights Canviiy

Beyoncé, the Queen Bee herself, released new music this past Juneteenth in celebration of the day. The titled “Black Parade” was an ode to Black Culture with proceeds going to support her BeyGOOD Black Business Impact Fund. Simultaneously Beyoncé also released a Black business directory on Beyoncé.com highlighting a collection of some of the nation’s most interesting Black-owned Businesses.

We are beyond excited to say that Canviiy not only made the list but also had a chance to feature our founder, Sherrel Sampson. When asked, about the experience, Sherrel said “It is a dream come true to be recognized by a woman that embodies the same innovation, confidence and strength that we instill into the Canviiy brand.”

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Health Chronicles: What’s Zinc Got to Do With It?

Lately, there’s been a lot of focus on zinc due to its role in immune health, but did no you know that zinc plays a vital role in hair growth too? Zinc is critical component in protein synthesis and has been shown to also play a role in hair follicle creation and growth. In fact, a study of 312 individuals showed those with alopecia and hair loss had significantly lower zinc levels compared to healthy controls without hair loss. Studies have also demonstrated therapeutic benefits of zinc supplementation in those with alopecia and low zinc levels.

Naturally Curly: Leaders in Curls Featuring Canviiy

Naturally Curly Managing Editor, Alexandra Wilson knows that Scalp Care is the foundation for healthy hair, but that it can be hard finding a calming solution that actually provides long-lasting relief and soothes our scalp without the harsh ingredients. That is why she sat down with Sherrel Sampson, founder of Canviiy, an innovative botanical based brand that is cracking the code on Scalp Care.

After experiencing a persistent itchy scalp most of her research was leading her to products that clogged the scalp or contained harsh chemicals, many of which were also found in cleaning supplies. Being dissatisfied with her current options, Sampson developed Canviiy solutions, rooted in plant science, each product is comprised of a proprietary organic complex infused with botanical minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to revitalize, repair & nourish scalp & skin irritations. Product efficacy is a core value of Canviiy with all products delivering long-lasting healthier results while being free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrance and color.

Beauty Independent Reports on Canviiy’s Strengthened Position in Scalp Health

This past week Canviiy founder, Sherrel Sampson, sat down with Beauty Independent, one of the premiere news outlets on beauty and wellness entrepreneurship to discuss all things Canviiy. Mrs. Sampson not only went in-depth on how Canviiy got its start, she also shares insight on the Target launch as well as teased what the future may hold for the brand.

Mrs. Sampson shared a theme of intentional design and intentional delivery as she discussed the journey from identifying as and with the consumer through to a deliberate product design process that led to a one year incubation process with more than $70,000 in investment. Identifying the needs of the Scalp Care category was not sexy at the time but with perseverance her team was able to deliver a product that delivered days of relief versus minutes when using competitive products.