Canviiy Celebrates Black History Month with Afterpay and Revolt

We are beyond excited to say that this Black History Month, Canviiy was recognized by Afterpay and Revolt for both its innovation in haircare and in business.

February saw Afterpay strengthen its relationship with Canviiy, with Afterpay creating an Instagram takeover and spotlight to share Canviiy’s story with its 320K+ followers. Additionally, Canviiy’s founder, Sherrel Sampson, was invited to speak on an internal panel to Afterpay employees to discuss entrepreneurship as a black woman. It is this level of partnership that has us proud to announce that we will be part of Afterpay Day, March 25-28th.


Also earlier this month, Sherrel was invited by Revolt TV to share the stage with Kareem Cook from Naturade, Bea Dixon from the Honey Pot and Denise Woodard from Partake Foods. She had the opportunity to share Canviiy’s story, challenges, successes and failures in a rare and unbridled look at the state of entrepreneurship. These companies are ground-breaking in that so few black owned companies have broken the barrier to gaining distribution in multiple major retailers.

This Black History Month was definitely a highlight and we thankful that that our customers can be apart of our collective success.

CVS Stores: Canviiy Secures Nationwide Expansion

Canviiy is most notable for its revolutionary organic- based, itch-calming serum ScalpBliss, which has been recognized effective even among cancer patients by Moffitt Cancer Center, one of US News & World Reports top hospitals in the space.  It is this reputation of quality, combined with a loyal consumer following, that has secured expansion into nearly 260 CVS stores nationwide expanding their presence in the beauty and health categories.

Canviiy’s expansion makes ScalpBliss products available at the nation’s largest healthcare retailers, which was influenced by Canviiy being seen as the natural standard of care in the healthcare space. Now with this partnership, Canviiy will be accessible to more consumers at a time when scalp care has been named one of 2021 biggest trends, driven by the intersection of COVID causing consumers to be more concerned about what they put on/in their body and consumer becoming more self-educated on hair health as hair salons were closed due to shelter in place. 

VOGUE: CELEB Makeup Artist Bob Scott Touts ScalpBliss as Fave

Vogue has created a space (Texture Diaries) for industry professionals to share their favorite hair rituals, products and biggest lessons learned when affirming their beauty and owning their unique hair texture. In the article featuring makeup artist, Bob Scott who has painted the faces of Padma Lakshmi and Amandla Stenberg gave a detailed run down on the magic of changing up hairstyles.

The piece highlights how they experiment with different hair looks and the products that help achieve those desired styles. Scott provided a personal picture of favorite hair products which included Canviiy’s ScalpBliss Scalp-Purifying Foam Treatment, which is designed to gently remove flakes, product build up & soothe scalp irritation.  The non-striping, luxurious formula is infused with powerful natural antioxidant properties of organic glycerin, aloe vera, manuka honey, rosebay, witch hazel and tea tree.  The Foam Treatment is powered by a premium lactic acid complex and free of zinc pyrithione, sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrance & color which has made it a customer favorite.

Vogue Celeb MUA Faves Canviiy

For more, read the full Vogue article: HERE

Tampa Bay Business Journal Spotlights Canviiy’s Healthcare Success

We’re ecstatic to share that the premier Tampa Bay Business Journal reported on Canviiy’s disruption in the healthcare industry by bringing relief to chemotherapy patients with clean organic based personal care products. The piece focused on Canviiy’s partnership with leading cancer hospital – Moffitt Cancer Center and how they were the first healthcare organization to believe in its proprietary efficacious formulas.

According to Sampson, the article states, “Moffitt had to do its due diligence and make sure our ingredients were right for their patients and it was a 12-month process. They were looking for healthier alternative solutions because scalp treatments often have steroids.”  The Moffitt partnership officially launched in March 2018.

Read the full Tampa Bay Business Journal article: HERE

COSMOPOLITAN Names ScalpBliss to Level Up Your Routine

Cosmopolitan shared its roundup of their favorite black-owned brands that are good for all hair types. They highlighted 25 hair products that will have your hair living its best life and we are proud that Canviiy ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Serum rang in at #5 on the list.

Cosmopolitan’s review highlighted that ScalpBliss is the perfect serum to hydrate a dry, itchy scalp, ridding you of irritation and flakes. This natural scalp care leader blends aloe vera, jojoba oil and peppermint oil to soothe inflammation and the causes of itchy scalp.  Additionally, the nozzle applicator helps to target and reach roots with pinpointed precision. It is no wonder that ScalpBliss is quickly getting a reputation as one of the best scalp treatments and an itchy scalp authority.

To see the complete Cosmopolitan list CLICK HERE

Product available at Target.

Canviiy CEO Joined FOX SOUL: OUT LOUD W/ Claudia Jordan

Canviiy CEO and Founder, Sherrel Sampson joined Claudia Jordan on FOX SOUL to talk all things Girl Power & what it means to build your team wisely. The notion that women can truly have it all seems far-fetched when aiming to balance home and work life, but this panel of dynamic women explains how it’s achievable. See the clip below, as Sampson shares how she’s been able to trust others as the Canviiy team scales the fast-growing brand.


The Executive Leadership Council Tap Canviiy Execs to Co-Author Research Article

We’re excited to announce that Canviiy executives Sherrel Sampson & Hume Merritt III were honored to contribute a thought leadership article featured in The Executive Leadership Council Fall 2020 Research Journal. The article is titled ‘Self-Security Post COVID-19: Making the Transition to Corporate Steward to Entrepreneur.’ The piece takes a provocative perspective on how the pandemic has disproportionally affected the African American community physically and financially. Furthermore, as we prepare for life after COVID-19, it’s essential that we not only analyze and change health safeguards but also construct financial safeguard to ensure there is not an acceleration in the economic divide.


The journal article also takes a deep dive on how one can make a ‘Self-Security Paradigm Shift.’ As corporations adjust their business models, professionals must adapt from the traditional “Job Security” thought process to a more intentional “Self-Security” paradigm. Self Employed are 25% below the national average unemployment rate and have defied trends by contracting in the last year. We are not advocating the resignation from your day job, but rather suggesting an intentional commitment to developing additional streams of income. Case in point, 43% of people with annual household incomes of $80,000 or higher have a secondary source of income (Bankrate, June 2019).

For more, read the full Executive Leadership Council research article: ELC Fall 2020 Research Journal

FORBES Features the Growth Journey of Canviiy

According to the State of Women-Owned Business Report, woman-owned businesses are growing two times faster on average than all businesses nationwide. In 2019, women of color accounted for 50% of all women-owned businesses, which employed nearly 2.4 million people and generated $422.5 billion in revenue. Lydia Blanco of Forbes sat down with Founder & CEO, Sherrel Sampson to discuss the growth story behind Canviiy.

The article showcases the inspiration behind launching the brand, along with how the company progressed by building strategic partnerships to fuel growth. Sampson attributes the brand’s success to several key principles:

Principle 1: Find Your Purpose. Sampson was able to propel the brand due to her strong belief that Canviiy was introducing catalytic, innovative health & wellness solutions that were changing the lives of women and men alike that suffered from scalp and body irritations.

Principle 2: Fund Your Purpose. Become familiar with the multiple forms of funding available, identify the tradeoffs and leverage the right ones at the right stage of your business.

Principle 3: Free Your Purpose. Leverage time management to prioritize both your career and your Purpose Project and commit whole heartedly.

For more on the Forbes article, click here.