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At last, a high-performance organic-based scalpcare collection that instantly soothes & nurtures the scalp without harsh chemical ingredients. Inspired by innovative plant chemistry, our exclusive ScalpBliss™ botanical derived blend of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants revitalizes & nourishes an irritated, itchy scalp while delivering a long-lasting ultra-soothing sensation that enhances scalp health.

Indulge in scalp ecstasy with only the purest natural plants & extracts:

ScalpBliss Benefits

Aloe Vera – natural plant species with ultra-soothing antioxidants & nourishing benefits, known to hydrate & nurture the scalp

Witch Hazel –plant extract rich with natural compounds that contribute to mild astringent anti-inflammatory properties

Manuka Honey – From the exotic origins of New Zealand, this highly concentrated honey derived from Manuka tree nectar is known for its restoring nutrients that relieve irritation

Peppermint – tantalizing crisp herb infused with water mint & spearmint releasing ultra-cooling properties to relax & soothe the scalp

Lavender – an essential extract from the mint family, beloved for its aromatherapy fragrance and potent calming benefits

Jojoba – seed extract that blends into a super-lightweight oil that quickly absorbs onto the scalp to gently soothe and moisturize without clogging pores

All ScalpBliss™ products are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance & color (dyes). The product line is perfect for dry itchy scalp, sensitive skin and scalp irritations.