Beauty Independent Reports on Canviiy’s Strengthened Position in Scalp Health

This past week Canviiy founder, Sherrel Sampson, sat down with Beauty Independent, one of the premiere news outlets on beauty and wellness entrepreneurship to discuss all things Canviiy. Mrs. Sampson not only went in-depth on how Canviiy got its start, she also shares insight on the Target launch as well as teased what the future may hold for the brand.

Mrs. Sampson shared a theme of intentional design and intentional delivery as she discussed the journey from identifying as and with the consumer through to a deliberate product design process that led to a one year incubation process with more than $70,000 in investment. Identifying the needs of the Scalp Care category was not sexy at the time but with perseverance her team was able to deliver a product that delivered days of relief versus minutes when using competitive products.

Despite competing against bigger players over the past five years, Canviiy has positioned itself at the head of the masstige Scalp Care market. The recent Target launch has been a validation of the hard work to this point, an opportunity to launch new innovation and a vehicle to continue to introduce the brand to new consumers. When asked about new innovation Sampson said “I really want to own that space but own it for delivering performance. We want to drive efficacy and performance.”

Canviiy’s strength is not just being intentional in how it plots product growth but also in how it anticipates threats. Mrs. Sampson has spent significant time game planning production to make sure there are no COVID-19 induced supply chain interruptions as well as smartly using this time to identify how she can further scale both her team and her business.

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AFROTECH Features Canviiy for Trailblazing Innovation in Beauty

AFROTECH (Blavity, Inc.), one of the top curators in black innovation, highlights Canviiy for both its launch as well as donning the shelves of Target.  Canviiy is recognized for creating a focus on addressing scalp concerns and as termed by customers “becoming a lifesaver” for many that have haircare needs beyond just styling.

It was Canviiy’s innovative insight, positioning and product that led the path to the brand finding a home on the shelves of Target, one of America’s leading retailers. Canviiy has been able to strike a health and beauty balance that delivers products that are effective for all scalp types.

Black Enterprise Reports on Canviiy’s Success Drivers

Black Enterprise has a 50-year history of interviewing some of the most innovative companies in the diaspora, companies that are intentional on how they are changing their categories and the state of business as a whole. This month they met with Canviiy founder, Sherrel Sampson, to better understand the brand’s guiding principles and how they have led to market success, including landing a major deal at Target.

For Sherrel it all started with a vision, one that was recently realized. “To walk into the store to see our brand feels phenomenal! I’ve walked through the aisles and have said to myself, ‘I can’t wait to see Canviiy here.’”, and now she can. She credits these four leading principles to making this dream a reality:

  1. Relationships are invaluable: Products with integrity and a cheery disposition grew a conversation at a local farmer’s market into a partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center, one of the top cancer hospitals in the country.
  2. Master your business’s analytics: Be data driven, as knowing the numbers give you the knowledge to even the playing field.
  3. Know when to say no: Building a brand is not about being fast, it is about being right, so take your time and make sure that everything from your product to your strategic hires are true to the brand.
  4. Drive Differentiation: To have a future, you must be differentiated now. Make sure that you understand your points of difference drive innovation around them and that the consumer can easily articulate why your brand is special.

For more details on how these principles have driven Canviiy’s culture of success: Read Full Article

MADAMENOIRE: Canviiy Named Among Best Haircare Launches For Scalp Issues

MADAMENOIRE says that “Scalp care has become a major focus of the hair industry and for good reason; its arguably the most neglected areas of our skin” and we agree. Since our launch in 2014, we have been focused on this prevalent unmet need. With a team of organic experts and a strong desire for the perfect product, our founder created concentrated formulas based in plant science; infused with powerful, natural botanicals including sea minerals, organic hemp and argan to not only nourish the scalp but also deliver essential nutrients to support hair growth.

Tampa Airport Celebrates International Women’s Day with Canviiy Founder

This International Women’s Day, Tampa International Airport (TPA) highlighted our very own Sherrel Sampson and the Canviiy brand. TPA has been an integral partner in helping us further our roots in the Tampa community as well as giving us a platform to grow our brand globally to countries such as Australia, Canada and France. Sherrel says “Not only has Tampa International Airport made key introductions for me, they are a brand advocate, they are a brand champion, and that I really appreciate as a female business owner.”

TPA’s commitment can further be seen, as they have cultivated a community of female entrepreneurs in the airport.  The short film below showcases how TPA’s goes over and beyond to support women entrepreneurs in travel retail.  When visiting TPA, Canviiy products are available in four retail stores included Air Essentials, Shoppes at Bayshore, Stellar Bay News and World Duty Free of Tampa.

New ScalpBliss Innovations Launch Nationwide in Target

We are thrilled to partner with Target to be the first to launch nationally our two newest innovations, the Canviiy ScalpBliss Sea Mineral & Organic Herb Restorative Growth Serum and the ScalpBliss Soothing Scalp-Purifying Foam Treatment.  These new products represent the first in an innovative pipeline that build on our success with Canviiy ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic-Based Serum and allows us to anchor recent trends in Scalpcare.

Canviiy Expands Travel Retail Footprint

More than 1 billion international travelers pass through airports each year, and that number is expected to grow 5% annually, according to industry projections. In addition, organic health & beauty revenues are expected to reach $25.11 billion by 2025 with North American and European countries propelling market growth according to Grand View Research. Therefore, Canviiy is uniquely positioned to connect and serve personal needs of travelers, as many consumers are transitioning to healthier lifestyles and seeking to integrate natural and organic health & beauty aids to improve their quality of life.