Canviiy held its First International Self-Care Seminar

It was a gorgeous sunny day on the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas where Canviiy held its inaugural ‘Refine Your Best-Self’ seminar on Saturday, May 27th 2017. This impactful 2-hour self-care seminar offered attendees the opportunity to learn self-care tips and exercises to feel more connected, productive, motivated and fulfilled. The seminar focused on three key areas – emotional, physical and beauty self-care.

9 Simple Tips to Care for Sensitive Skin

Our skin is only as beautiful as the effort we put forth to make it so, unfortunately some of us  have extra obstacles like having oily, acne prone, or sensitive skin. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve  glowing,  supple skin.

Yahoo! Beauty Selects Canviiy as Best Black-Owned Beauty Brand

We are living in an age of self-love empowerment and more than ever, shoppers are now switching to brands that develop products based on their specific needs with a focus on healthy ingredients and superior performance. With that being said, in honor of Black History Month, Yahoo! Beauty showcased ‘20 of the Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands’ in the industry and Canviiy made the list! See the full article



The Truth about Hair, Working Out & Sweaty Scalp

More recently, working out has emerged as an activity that more people are integrating into their lifestyles. In such a fast paced, work driven society we are influenced by people who know and love us, books, experts, and ads on television that say in so many words that if you want to stay young and healthy, you must workout. It is well known that exercising helps us maintain a youthful glow and provides that boost of stamina throughout the day and even better range of motion. But it is rarely mentioned what happens to our sweaty hair and scalp or what to do with it after we work out. Many women struggle with this, particularly women of color because of the coarse and thicker hair textures. Some feel forced to choose between working out and slaying with bomb hair.  It’s about that time we start telling the truth about what happens to our hair after working out. Pull up a seat.

Canviiy Sponsors BrownGirlsLove Power Day in NYC

Just imagine a beautiful room full of women with aspirations and dreams ready to be empowered to ignite their passions. This describes the atmosphere of BrownGirlsLove POWER Day, founded by Christina Brown, held in New York City on January 7th, 2017. Canviiy was a proud corporate sponsor of this year’s BrownGirlsLove POWER Day; a mini conference featuring a combination of workshops and panel discussions on branding, finance, entrepreneurship, and self-care from powerful women who have mastered the art of building a brand.

The conference was filled with an exclusive group of movers and shakers sharing sound insights and tools to inspire young female professionals.  Canviiy’s founder Sherrel Sampson was in attendance and shared “It was an absolute pleasure to join such an enriching experience. We believe it’s important to collaborate with brands that are focused on inspiring and uplifting women as it directly aligns with one of Canviiy’s core brand beliefs which is to celebrate the inner canvas of women.”

Here’s a short video highlighting the inspiring event:

POPSUGAR Names Canviiy Among Best Beauty Products

We’re honored and overjoyed to share that Canviiy’s ScalpBliss On-the-Go Mini Tube was selected among POPSUGUR’S list of Best Brown-Girl Beauty Products of 2016! Our daily mantra is to carefully craft natural-based beauty products that soothe, nourish and protect what’s on the outside to help our Canviiy beauties feel luxurious, confident and beautiful on the inside. Being committed to our mission is quite fulfilling, but nothing tops being recognized for delivering that brand promise.

ScalpBliss Best Beauty Product

“This acknowledgement confirms that following my passion and taking a risk was completely worth it. As an emerging independent beauty brand, we’re honored to be recognized among many of the top tier brands in the beauty industry. There’s a long road ahead for us and this is a positive indication that we’re heading in the right direction. I’m incredibly proud of our team,” said Sherrel Sampson, Canviiy’s CEO & Founder.

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Canviiy Partners with Ecommerce Leader

Discovery of beauty products has evolved in recent years. Gone are the days of going in-store, with many consumers opting to shop for their must-have products online. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our official partnership with – one of the nation’s leading online marketplaces.

Canviiy’s Founder and CEO, Sherrel Sampson, stated that “Canviiy wants to ensure people are able to find our products with ease. As an independent beauty brand, we are looking forward to reaching new consumers and growing our presence online through this partnership.” Consumers can begin purchasing Canviiy’s ScalpBliss™ Collection on this month.

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